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Global Windsurfing School Directory

Beach Hut Watersports
Windsurf guru, Lagos, Portugal

Based in Praia da Luz and operating since 1988, Beach Hut Watersports is a company dedicated to boat tours and water sports. Come and see the magnificent landscape of the...read more

From €50 /course Explore&Book
Kitesurf guru, Praia, Cape Verde

We offer kitesurf and windsurf courses and lessons for every level, from beginner to advanced. Our kitesurf courses are designed for maximum enjoyment and fast & safe learning.Student’s safety, great...read more

From €40 /course Explore&Book
Boavista Wind Club
Windsurf guru, Sal Rai (Boa Vista), Cape Verde

He was one of the first windsurfers traveling to Cape Verde and very soon he realized that this country had excellent conditions to practice water sports and he promoted this...read more

From €15 /course Explore&Book
Kiteschool Portugal
Kitesurf guru, Lagos, Portugal

Kiteboarding is a sport for everybody – if you like to try out this pretty new trend sport then the 3 day Beginner lessons its the perfect Package for you....read more

From €35 /course Explore&Book
Vetratoria Doljanka Russia
Windsurf guru, Doljanskaya (Krasnodar area), Russia

About School: Vetratoriya station is located in the Russian cult windsurfing spot, namely on Dolzhanka spit, so call it a miracle of nature in people. The convenient location of the...read more

From €28 /course Explore&Book