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Vetratoria Doljanka Russia

Doljanskaya (Krasnodar area), Russia

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About School:

Vetratoriya station is located in the Russian cult windsurfing spot, namely on Dolzhanka spit, so call it a miracle of nature in people. The convenient location of the station on the edge of the spit allows comfortable ride and to train windsurfing virtually all wind directions. For the guests of Vetratoriya Russia available both banks of the spit, which means that in addition to the flat (flat water), there is an opportunity to test themselves on Wave with good wind conditions (wave spot).

Local area:

Dolgaya Spit limits south of Taganrog Bay of the Azov Sea. Dolzhanka landscape is a natural monument of Krasnodar region with unique shell beaches, deep sea, freshwater lakes, rich flora and fauna.

Vetratoriya is located in the recreation area Serfpriyut, so our guests have a great opportunity to live and relax in a comfortable environment in the vicinity of the training and riding.


In addition to high-service, professional work of both managers and instructors, our team is you already know from our other stations in Dahab, Vietnam and Greece, creating a unique brand of Vetratoria atmosphere.

For Kids: Yes

Insurance: Included.


Outdoor activities camp Serfpriyut is located in the most excellent location - on the end of a long spit. Serfpriyut designed for the simultaneous deployment of more than 200 travelers. On both sides of the base clean shell beaches, to which from any point Serfpriyuta not more than two hundred meters. Serfpriyut - the perfect place for families and for water sports, especially windsurfing and kitesurfing. Our station is also equipped with facilities for learning kitesurfing.

Based on the excellent conditions of accommodation and leisure activities. All rooms and cabins have a bathroom with shower, air conditioning, refrigerator, television. The space between the houses set aside for personal hranilku, where you can leave for a night filled with sails and your board. The menu in the dining room Serfpriyuta composed of Kuban and Caucasian dishes. Also, there are several barbecues, where you can prepare your own barbecue.

On Earth, there is no such place where the wind blows constantly (and Dolzhanka no exception), but do not worry, if calm finds you in Serfpriyute - here is what to do to calm: wakeboard, water ski, ATV, paintball, air walks on a hang-glider , cycling along the spit. Children and adults enjoy frolicking on a large inflatable island, jump on the trampoline, ride on a "banana", "Batman", "washer", by boat, canoe ...

Surf Haven focused on a wide range of travelers, we have affordable prices, high quality and large variety of active recreation. In combination with the unique and diverse nature Dolzhanka you are guaranteed an unforgettable holiday!


Relying on years of experience Vetratoriya network stations, our station traditionally equipped with the most modern equipment from the permanent partner Vetratorii RRD. More than 100 sets of boards and sails, as a full line of advanced equipment (Freeride, Wave, Freestyle, Slalom, Freestyle Wave), and comfortable equipment for those who make first steps in windsurfing.

Languages: Russian, English


Course name Rate per person Season

Kitesurfing group course for adult (1 day)

Beginner course (on the beach)

Duration: 1 hour. 2-4 people in the group.

€30 May 1—November 1

Windsurfing group course for adult (1 day)

Familiarity with the wind (Baptizm course)

Duration: 1 hour with instructor. Insuranse included. 2-4 people in the group.

€28 May 2—November 1