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Guincho Surf School

Cascais, Portugal

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Guincho Surf School.While surfing a wave we are to relate ourselves with something more than just water moving in many different ways and forms. The waves are pure energy in a liquid state so soon in can provide pleasure and fear, joy and frustration, victory or defeat but always a feeling of inner satisfaction after each surfed.

This very direct relationship with nature and its many sensations makes surfing is something so special that only those who do are able to feel it.

This is our passion will more than 20 years, being a very important part of our lives. Enabling the discovery of this new experience to others and prepare them to deal with the sea in its various conditions led us to found in summer 2000 the "Guincho Surf School."

Come catch some waves with us ..!

Local area: Guincho beach, Cascais area.

Team: Since we opened 8 years ago, we have given lessons to more than 3000 people aged 6 to 50, with a total of 1850 lessons given. Thanks to the work carried out by this advanced group, the school was awarded four national titles in 2004, two in 2005 and one in 2007. Pupils have strong presence in national and regional rankings, at their respective levels, and participate in the Junior National Team and in European and World Championships.

Terms of service: To promote Surf as a regular sport, creating the necessary assistance and safety conditions to assure the correct technical evolution, in a faster and fun way.

The school is open throughout the year; classes should be booked before 19:00h of the previous day.

Lessons take place at Guincho unless the sea’s conditions demand that they take place on another beach of the Estoril coast. The school has transport exclusively for this effect.

Equipment: The boards available at the school are specially designed for teaching purposes, at all levels. The wetsuits are of good quality and are available in all sizes.

Insurance: A sports insurance policy is entered into, upon registration of the school’s pupil, at the Portuguese Surf Federation and is valid for 1 year. Please contact us in case of doubts and suggestions.

Transfer: From Cascais +5 euro

Your benefits:

Beginner’s Programme

This programme aims to prepare the pupils so that, by the end of the course, they will have acquired the basic necessary skills to be able to surf safely and progress on their own. In other words, by the end of the beginner’s course, pupils should be able to look at the sea, choose the safest and best place to surf, catch waves safely and stand up without any support or assistance. During the first lessons of the beginner’s course, the monitors will teach the basic principles of surf such as the sea’s condition, currents, safety in the water, equipment, rowing, sitting, etc. All of this in a logical sequence so that pupils learn in a correct and easier way.

Advanced Programme

This programme aims to perfect the various technical components of surf such as, making the most of the waves, style, competition tactics, rules and an initiation to competition with video filming during the training sessions and tests.

Languages: English, Portuguese

Booking terms: Lessons should be booked a no later han 1 day in advance, before 19:00h. GSS cannot guarantee availability for classes booked on the same day.

15% advanced payment through TakeGuru platform (TakeGuru guarantees safety of your advance payment and its return at in time cancellation of a course or if for any reasons the course is not provided).


Course name Rate per person Season

Surfing group course for adult (1 day)

1 Day Surf Course: Available for beginners or advanced.

€30 All year

Surfing group course for adult (2 days)

2 Days Surf Course: Available for beginners or advanced.

€50 All year

Surfing group course for adult (5 days)

5 Days "Learn How" Surf Course: Available for beginners or advanced.

€100 All year

Surfing group course for adult (10 days)

10 Days Intensive Surf Course: Available for beginners or advanced.

€150 All year