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Drifters Surf Club

Varkala, Kerala, India

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Drifters Surf Club consists of ISA certified instructors with years of experience in surfing and teaching surfing. Our instructors are Santhosh an Ajith, who have gained quite a reputation in Indian surf community for thier talent.

Santhosh from Mahabalipuram, is a fisherman who picked up surfing through watching other surfers. He used his fisherman skills to stand up and ride waves in his backyard. He picked up surfing well enough to win a sponsorship from Temple Adventures which gave him his first board. After a point he started shaping surfboards with Dave Hearn in Temple surfboards, making him the first Indian shaper ever. He quit his stone carving job to become a surfboard shaper. Santhosh having won quite a few competitions in India and is now an ISA qualified instructor now looking to spread the stoke of surfing to others.

Ajith, from Kovalam near Chennai, is from a humble fishing background who picked up surfing early on. He has been working for Covelong Point surf school in Kovalam, where he picked up the craft of surfing and more. Now he is an ISA qualified instructor, with a knack for teaching surfing and having more fun. He is certainly one of the energetic surfer to look forward to.


Course name Rate per person Season

Surfing group course for adult (1 day)

Group lesson for intermediate

Intermediate lesson

$27 All year

Surfing group course for adult (1 day)

Lesson in group

Group lesson

$30 All year

Surfing group course for adult (1 day)

Week package

7 days surf course

$176 All year

Surfing group course for adult (2 days)

Crush course

2 lessons per day

$52 All year

Surfing group course for adult (5 days)

5 Days Package

5 days course

$132 All year

Surfing private course for adult (1 day)

Private lesson

$37 All year