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Skischool Rauris

Salzburg, Austria

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Oh, ok. So you already know how to ski? Cool! Then you don’t need to be spending any more time on the practice hill. First show us what you’ve got, then we’ll put you into a group that’s just as good as you are. Of course, we’ll also make sure that you’re with other kids about the same age as you.


Course name Rate per person Season

Skiing group course for kids (1 day)

Ski School Kids

ski school kids group adventure rauris

Children do very well with us!

You have never been on ski and you'd really like to give it a try, or are you able to ski and would like to improve your technique, or would you like to try deep snow skiing? That's cool - you're at the right place.

€47 All year

Skiing group course for adult (1 day)

beginners and advanced

4 lessons daily from 10.00 to 12.00 and 13.00 – 15.00

lessons in ideal group sizes

€50 All year

Skiing private course for adult (1 day)

For Individualists!

Want to achieve a lot in just a short time?

If so, then personally tailored private lessons are ideal for you. Simply tell us when - we’ll have a ski instructor ready and waiting just for you!

€50 All year

Snowboarding group course for adult (1 day)

Snowboard Courses

Catch the spirit – it`s time to do it!



Drift turns

Riding the lifts

Slope etiquette and safety

Easy terrain


Making drift turns even crisper

Shifting weight


Freestyle (180° / 360° )

Intermediate terrain


Carving at its finest

Jump turns


All types of slope and terrain

Deep snow, moguls, race techniq

€47 All year