Want some break? Thinking of vacations? Need some ideas for well spent vacations? Well I will suggest you ski resorts. High altitude, white snow, cold weather is what you should go for this time. Now the question which resort to select for ski holidays in Europe. No doubt resort selection plays vital role in spending joyous holidays.

Let`s make speculation what a dream ski resort should have

– economical price

– high end services

– comfortable living

–  variety

–  sunshine

– and much much more

Well for your ease we researched and develop top 25 resorts to go for your exciting ski holidays.

Val Thorens, France

If you want to go to higher places then you should give Val Thorens a try. This resort is one of the highest resorts in Europe. It is 2300 km high, wow. Living there will give you pure mountainous style. This resort offers special party experience by Folia deuce at 3:00 pm.

La Plagne, France

Do you want to live between mountains? Then you should go to La Plagne. This is a French Alps between 1250 to 3500 meters high. You will also love to live here as it is famous by most among the world ski lovers. Yes, I am saying this because this destination has become internationally renowned. This resort has longest ski area of about 225 km.


St Francois Longchamp, France

St Francois Longchamp is the place where your college gang should go this time for ski resort. There you can enjoy about 165 km of slopes. You can visit this place with your family, friends or any large groups. Management here arrange lesson for toddler as well. You can have treatment through balneotherapy.


Flaine, France

Flaine ski resort in French Alps is beautiful combination of past and present. As it keep alive old vintage style as well as giving you modern lavishness. You can book this place for around 400 USD per person.

Chatel, Switzerland

Châtel ski resort is classic Swiss village. This is one of the biggest ski resorts. Amazingly enough, this resort keeps old vintage customs alive.

Saalbach Hinterglemm, Austria

Next in our list is Saalbach Hinterglemm. This is winter sport area in Austria. You can reach there through lift. About 70 lifts are waiting to serve you . Over 50 traditional huts with traditional facilities are always ready to serve you. Its well leveled slopes are another attraction for us.

Engelberg, Switzerland

Engelberg is upscale resort of central Swiss Alps. It high altitudes, high scoring boarding schools make it destination of luxury. Cable car connects beauties together. One can enjoy skiing round the year. Staid five star hotels lift its value.

Are, Sweden

Are Sweden is top Alps. Here one will enjoy skiing as well as many other sports for every age group and for every interest level. If you are new in skiing you should visit this as here you will fine abundance of slopes and ways to teach skiing to beginners. On the hand are offers challenging skiing to adventurers. In Are we 5 options as destination to select from.

Livigno, Italy

Livigno is an Italian resort. One will find modern and high end facilities here. You will find best living options here. You will find 4 star hotels to B&B hotels here. 110 km of skiing area will keep you and your family busy all day. Duty free shopping and nightlife are additional attractions to enjoyment of skiing.

Saas Fee, Switzerland

Saas Fee is another 2 km. Swiss little, traditional ski resort . We may call this car free zone so here you are nearer to nature. If you are planning to visit this place with family then congratulation as people feels safer and peaceful here with families.

Alagna, Italy

Alagna is another ski resort located in south of Italy. This skiing resort is 115m to take pleasure of skiing. Here you will find three destinations. If you are nightlife lover then this is not place for you yet is best for families to visit.

La Grave, France

La Grave is one of the resorts from France. This is small resort but hold distinguishing place in history as a birthplace of Nicolas de Nicolay.  Travellers are asked to be careful about weather. As in winters it has extreme weather however in good weather you may visit it confidently. This is a small village built along roadside.

Lapland, Finland

Lapland is a beautiful skiing resort in Finland. This resort has 61 slope with longest of 2 miles. It is popular for its midnight sun and wild scenery. If you are planning to go here for skiing go ahead as this place has some very affordable hotels to live.

Zugspitze, Austria

Near the border of Austria lays Zugspitze one of the highest peak of Germany. This beautiful place is 10000 feet high. If you select Zugspitze as your vacation resort you will have proud feeling. As Zugspitze offers one of the best resort experiences across the Europe. Igloo village is another attraction of this place. A cog wheel train will give you round trip of this mountain.

Hemsedale, Norway

Hemsedale is Norwegian resort. This is second largest and highest alp line of the region. Here one can enjoy variety of activities besides skiing. Here you will get golf course as well. Diversity is feature attracting people of all age groups and levels. If you are beginners then you have green field to practice.

Salen, Sweden

Salen as another good place for ski holidays in Sweden. Here you can enjoy six ski resorts in one region.

Well Europe is rich continent. If you are in Europe you must consider lucky to have so much places to visit for skiing in almost every country however if you are away from Europe and planning to visit Europe with suggest you must visit any of the mentioned resort to see nature more closely , visiting such places and living away from technology has its own unique taste. Well space will definitely run out but list won`t end.

However I am listing some other resorts of Europe.

Vasterbotten, Sweden

Vasterbotten  from Sweden has 8 slopes to visit. In this resort Hemavan is longest slope of about 30 km . Here you can enjoy 25 miles of cross country tracks.

Andermatt, Switzerland

Andermatt all the way from Switzerland has many developed hotels, apartment but still we can enjoy old living styles. To ski in holidays is one of the dream come true and make that memory long lasting you should visit this place. Though people believe that skiing in Swiss is never cheap but hold on you should think about this resort. You can enjoy snowfall throughout the year. Slopes here are high upto 3030 meters.

Alagna, Italy

Alagna, is situated to the north of Italy, with only population of 400. This area has 115 miles of slopes to ski. If you want nightlife then this is your place for holidays. Book a place near Indren Hus , as this the centre of place.

Verbier, Switzerland

Verbier is place where you can enjoy two country culture. Yes, I am not joking, here you are in Switzerland but people speaks French frequently . The lifts here are fast .You can easily access every slope here. The longest slop here is of 254 miles. Again this place has attraction for night owls.

St. Anton, Austria

St. Anton is one of the best ski resort located in Austria. Lift system here is very efficient. Arriving here is very easy through airports and trains as well. This place is more suitable for adventurers then beginners. You will also find schools for ski lover kids . This place is graded as one of the best ski resort to visit with family on holidays.

La Grave, France

La Grave, all the way from France is best place for ski mountaineering. Low population , extreme social life and friendly behaviors will welcome you when coming with friends on holidays.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt is another ski resort from Switzerland. This resort contains three mountains with 153 mile of runs. This is the place of tradition. This place not only offers you best skiing while on holidays but also offers best traditional food . The day here ends with music along slope side.

Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

Bernese Oberland is another place for touring and for ski in Switzerland. It`s iconic beauty. High huts, cog train will give you natural most holiday experiences. Tea and cake are popular food of this region.


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