Surfing has become a very popular hobby and even sport in the world. People go for lessons on a daily basis to learn to excel in this sport. This takes a lot of balance, effort and time to get the correct technique and not crash and burn on every single wave but with some practice you will do great.

So what do you need to look for or what does the professionals look for when thinking about the best places to surf?

This will be a spot where directions, wind, tides, swell and the seafloor will be meeting. The wind will determine the quality of the waves, the tide will be good at certain times. Professional surfers have been traveling the word for years to find the perfect spots and here are some that they have said to be the best.

So lets enjoy the TakeGuru‘s exiting video chart  of the best places to surf in the world.

Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii:

Quite a popular spot in the USA. It is the dream of every good surfer to ride that perfect crest of pipeline this is known as the big daddy of all the waves out there. It is also one of the heaviest waves in the world.

Super tubes, Jeffrey’s bay, South Africa:

Super tubes should be on the list of all surfers at any level this has high walls of water where just about anything can happen.

Mentawai island, Indonesia:

This has been said to be one of the most consistent surf destinations in the world. The best time to visit for surfing will be between the months of June to September.

Bundoran beach, County Donegal in Ireland:

If you are looking for the best spot in Europe this is it. Although the water is cold there has been huge waves over time but the average is about ten foot.

Superbank,  Gold Coast in Australia:

This is known as the surfer’s paradise. They have super banks which is considered as one of the best breaks for any surfer.

Eisbach, Munich:

This spot offers the most unusual wave you will find, this is actually located in a river but the wave is a one meter standing wave so you will surf on one spot.

Arugam bay, Sri Lanka:

Offers right hand peaks and also some amazing wildlife including elephants and also monkeys.

Black’s beach, san Diego, California:

This beach offers one of the most powerful breaks in California so this will be for the professionals.

Coconuts, Samoa:

This is a place where even the professionals have seen their boards breaking or cracking this wave on the good days offer 150 meter rides.

Pasta Point, Maldives:

These waves break and offer left hand rides and also a 100 meter pure tube riding out of the sea.

Cloudbreak, Tavarua island, Fiji:

This is a hollow wave that forms at about 1.6 meters off the coast but the great part is that it holds for up to 500 meter and reaches 10 meter in size.

Margaret River valley, Australia:

Here you will find slab waves these waves has a square barrel shape and they quickly go from deep to shallow.

Manu Bay, New Zealand:

This is a wide open bay area where the waves range from one to three meters and you might even get a barrel at times.

Nihiwatu, Indonesia:

This location falls under the top ten left hander locations in the world and the location is just breath taking.

Sultans, Maldives:

Although the rock can be quite a hazard in this area the location offers a consistent reef wave that is especially amazing in the spring.

Honolua bay, Hawaii:

Here you will find it quite tricky to find this right hand break but once you find it you will love it and you might even see some whales.

Mavericks, California:

This will be a great spot to visit after the winter months with waves that will crest over 25 feet. Definitely a great destination to check out if you want some good waves.

Hossegor, France:

This is a place to be in the spring months where the tide ranges can reach 14 ft. This is a moderately difficult place to surf although not impossible.

Surfrider beach, Malibu:

This will be one for the beginners as the waves aren’t that big and it is considered an easy surfing spot. The waves are 2 to 3 feet so you would easily be able to surf on them.

Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica:

Said to be perfect for the beginners with a wave overhead of 2-3 ft. There is sometimes distant ground swells from the west.

Tofino, Canada:

The only danger you will be experiencing here is the extremely cold water but if this does not bother you then you might want to give these 3 to 8 foot waves a try.

Watergate bay, England:

Very busy over the holidays and also hazards like rocks, riptides and cold water is the only bad thing about this location but there is nothing wrong with these waves they can be anywhere from 2- 9 ft.

Encinitas, California:

Best time to visit will be autumn as this is when the highest percentage of swells are rolling in and they are accompanied by the perfect amount of wind and also a good water temperature.

Wrightsville beach, North Carolina:

The best time to go surf in this location will be from august to October this will be late summer and hurricane season this will offer great weather and also above average waves.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida:

This is one location that almost always have great waves going but if you do not want to be in a crowded place or with a lot of other suffers you might want to avoid this one during spring break.

This is definitely the 25 best places to surf that I could think of you want to go  some might not be beginner friendly so you might want to make sure you first try some of the easier locations.

But with a great teacher and ambition you will be able to take on even the most difficult spots and do amazing just remember safety first so always follow the rules they provide at all of these surfing locations and have fun.

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