While the mention of sand dunes presents an image of a harsh environment, there is now something new and fun to look forward to in this sea of sand. Sandboarding is one of the newest sporting and leisure activities in the Egyptian desert. This is yet another exciting aspect of touring Egypt.

Sandboarding, similar to snowboarding, is essentially skiing in sand. Watching a surfer slide down a sand dune that can be as high as 140 meters is exciting, as it seems exhilarating. While those who do this are professionals, anyone can learn how to do it. What’s more, going up the sand dunes offers visitors a breathtaking view of the expansive desert landscape.

Sandboarding not only offers you the opportunity to view the amazing desert terrain, but to also have fun, just like you would on a frozen landscape. And you can do all this dressed in a light T-shirt and a short since it is already hot.

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