Peniche is a paradise for those of us who love the active type of relaxation, especially surfing. Here we have everything you may need. Surfing in Peniche and more activities.Starting from an incredible geographical location which provides the best environment for surfing, as well as, for kite surfing, and finishing fantastic inhabitants of Peniche, who saved their identity and cultural traditions.

Moreover, this place, and it is necessary to emphasise, now a famous destination for the World Championship Tour of the World Surf League.

Obviously, that is not a simple fact. What does it mean? It means that each autumn this place will become the most important place for professional surfers, who can rival here and show they best.

Thereby, it will create a great occasion for the beginners, who just started to be familiar with surfing, to gain new knowledge from the best surfers in the world, and of course, make new contacts, and friends.

Discover and book the best action sports courses in Peniche.

Watch video about surfing in Peniche and other activities.

Meanwhile, some prefer the wind, waves, and water, Peniche also, gathering people not only from Europe but from all over the world with the different kind of aims and wishes of spending their time.

Thus, Peniche has another great advantage, because it can provide also peaceful and calm variants of relaxation, for instance, so-called photo-hunters can find here, an incredible opportunity to take a photo of stunning views. But for sure, surfers make the seaside views even more spectacular.

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At least if you are not a surfer, or even not a fan of it, you must come to Peniche and see with your own eyes how riding others and feel this energy.

For sure, if you do not change your mind, definitely you will feel some doubts in attempts to try it. In spite that this city quite small, each year it hosts enormous travellers who love this place for its unique culture, incredible views, and admirable infrastructures. By and large, if your heart belongs to the sea, now you know where to go for this time.