One of the best ways to spend the next holiday is going for Kitesurfing in Portugal. Before your book a flight to this part of the world, there are a number of safety tips you need to enjoy the experience as well as avoid accidents. This video clearly shows some of the safety measures you should take into account whether you are a novice or an experienced.

Keep distance from other users

When kite surfing, ensure that you do not go between wind surfers, swimmers, surfers and any other water user for your safety. In the event that things go wrong, you are likely to hit anything within your vicinity. In addition, never jump over waves if at all you cannot see the other side of the water.

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Understand how to launch and then land the kite safely

Did you know that more than 90% of the accidents take place on land?  In the process of rigging your kite, ensure that you double check the lines before doing so.

Never kite in conditions stronger than your ability

Although it is good to experience challenging situations, it is advisable that you avoid surfing in conditions that appear stronger than you are able to handle. Ensure that you are aware of the upper wind range of the different kites before going for this sport over the vacation.

Know the land rules and water signals

It is wise to know the universal indicators of distress when kitesurfing in Portugal. Furthermore, take your time to read more about the basic hand signs. Some of the vital signs that you must know include landing and launching of the kite.

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Check your equipment before going into water

Examining your equipment before you go for kite surfing helps you to know whether it is good condition. Never go for kite surfing if your equipment has one or two problems.