Bringing to your notice an interview with Marcos Anastacio, a famous Portuguese surfer and an owner of the Angel Surf School in Portugal.

Marcos, please, tell, when did you start surfboarding and why were you interested in such extreme type of sports?

I started surfing at the age of 13 years old , so it was 30 years ago. I supposed it happened because of the girls and freedom that gives surf lifestyle.

How do you mean, what countries are the best to begin surfing and why?

For me the best country is Portugal by a lot of reasons. First of all this is good surf destination because of the good weather in summer, spring and fall and not cold winter. All seasons we have excellent waves ,for all levels and skills. excellent waves ,for all levels and skills. And of course here you can feel sympathy way from locals.


What can surf give to a person who gets followed this sport?

Never give up! Once you get the feeling from surfing, your life will change completely.

What main advice could you pass to beginners?

If you don’t have any experience, find a quality school. Here you can get a instructor for 3 beginners in group, that way you will have more attention and the security and so you can have a better evolution.

How do you think, whether it has sense to take the lessons of experts for the people who have already gathered the experience and possess the averaged level in surfing?

Yes, off course! Because we always learn something. You just have to choose who can help in your improvement. And by my opinion, local surf school in Portugal with more traditions, can help you more, because of the back experience .

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Tell about your most memorable surfing experience in the life.

I suppose surfing always shares us something new. It shares feeling of ocean! So my great experience of surfing ,was the first time when my 5 years son tried surf. I got really memorable emotions when my kid had so much fun! It was a magic day when we shared the passion of surfing together.

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