A game that involves descending snow covered slopes on top of a snowboard; this is a game that has been around for over half a century. The game comes with risks of injuries just like other winter games. Snowboarding for beginners provides with a great experience and expectations. With the risks and expectations from the game, identification of reliable and reputable grounds and instructors is important.

Requirements before Starting On Snowboarding

As a beginner, there are a number of basic things required for both easier training and safety. Among them is the skiing gear. This includes among others the clothes, helmet and boots. Of importance to note is the fact that there is a difference between skiing boots and the snowboard boots. For this reason ensure you get a pair of snowboard boots and not the skiing boots.

Training for Beginners

Snowboard Austria trainers offer training packages for beginners in two formats. Training maybe conducted in a group or individually. While individual training offers an opportunity to get all attention from the instructor, group training offers an opportunity to share ideas and learn from fellow trainees.

Training as an individual allows the instructor to gauge individual performance and allocate the necessary attention. However, in both forms of training, the trainee maybe required to part ways with the rest of his/her party during the time required for training.

Snowboarding Styles

Despite not being too old, snowboarding is practiced in a variety of style in Austria. Among the common styles while snowboarding in Austria are;

• Jibbing – This form of freestyle snowboarding involves riding on uneven surfaces. The surfaces include more than just snow and may include concrete ledges, benches, rocks and metal rails. A risky undertaking is ideal only for those who are qualified and experienced in controlling snowboards.

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• Freestyle – Unlike most clear-cut style, the free style allows creativity and fun while snowboarding. Including tricks and other creations makes the style more enjoyable and unique.

• Alpine – A recognized game, Alpine snowboarding requires it unique equipment. The style involves carving through links turns with little or no jumps. Specially designed snowboards with ability to maneuver the turns are used in the event.

• Slope style – A style that is organized on a slope terrain, it involves maneuver through various obstacles found on the terrain. These may include boxes, jibs and rails. Success in this style depends on one’s ability to maneuver through the most difficult obstacles on the terrain.

• Big Air – This style requires the snowboarder to perform own or specified moves while airborne. A man made jump is created for the event where participant are required to launch. Judging the winner is based on a number of factors that may include height and length of the jump.

• Half-pipe – This is snowboarding done in a semi-circular ditch or a ramp built for the purpose and covered with snow. Participants move from one side to the other while performing stunts to gather points.

• Boardercross – This is a typical snowboard race where participants follow the same terrain while competing. One of the most recent styles to be acknowledged, it poses a great risk for snowboard Austria beginners resulting from high rate of collisions on the course.

• Snowboard racing – This follows a stipulated path where riders compete downhill, different course and rules are applied to the game and in identification of the winner.

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Risks and Injuries Associated With Snowboarding

Like most of other winter and snow games, snowboarding comes with a range of risks and possible injuries. While seeking for the best snowboarding for beginners course instructor, it is important to understand the possible risks and injuries. This allows one to prepare adequately and have the necessary measure in place.

The rate of injuries in snowboarding is considered to double that of other forms of snow games with most cases involving beginner. Lack of experience, unreliable instructors and failure to practice adequately are among the factors cited as leading causes. Here is a few of the common injuries and the common precautions;

• Wrist injuries – Statistics indicate that average of 40% of the injuries that occur during snowboarding are wrist injuries. Of these, 24% are fractures that account for more than 100,000 globally. This makes it the most common type of injury with snowboarders. Wearing wrist guards and gloves is an ideal way to offer protection while snowboarding in Austria. This is alongside seeking for appropriate designs for the hands when a fall is encountered.

• Head injuries are also common with snowboarders. Main causes of head injuries include collision an falls while on the track. To prevent such injuries, use of helmets is highly recommended alongside observing caution.

• In certain cases, instances of eye injuries are experienced. Causes of eye injuries include impact from collisions and head injuries. Ultra-violet light arising from snow-covered areas also poses a big risk to the eyes. To protect from such injuries, it is important to wear protective goggles. These should be worn alongside the helmet to reduce chances of injuries from impact.

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• Fracture to the knees and ankles occur in certain instances. These result from a number of factors including the fact that the snowboard does not disengage from the feet after a fall. Fractures and ligaments are among the common injuries and are easily prevented but using knee guards and being observant on the track.

Choosing the Best Beginner Lessons

Selection for the best snowboarding for beginner lesson maybe a tricky process. Without guidance, knowledge of what to expect among other insight may lead to making wrong choices. Austria offers one of the bets training grounds for beginners hence an ideal location. With the many trainers and locations available in Austria, TakeGuru web platform provides with a place to select the location and training package in Austria. This includes booking for the course online and choosing the best dates that you wish to train.


Despite taking long before being accepted as a sport, snowboarding is an exciting, adventurous and an appropriate holiday experience. To take part in the sport, adequate training and experience is required hence the need to source wisely. Snowboarding in Austria provides with tailored packages to fit to individual needs and expectations.