If you want to learn wave riding in Portugal you should try Peniche surf school services.

Peniche is a seaside municipality and city in Portugal. Portugal is a southern European country on the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. Its ocean-side location influences many aspects of its culture and economy. Salt cods and grilled Sardines are her national dishes. She has very many tourist attractions and her architecture dates back to the 16th century. Peniche is located right in the center of Portugal’s west coast about 89 kilometers north of the country capital, Lisbon. It is located in Oestre Subregion in what was formerly Estremadura Province. Peniche has a very rich history dating back to what was known as the worldwide Early Jurassic extinction. It is believed that a group of people escaping retaliation from Julius Caesar’s host took refuge in the island and formed the town. Peniche economy relies on agriculture, tourism and most importantly fisheries. There are numerous canned fish industries dealing with sardine, tuna and lobsters.

Peniche is known for its long, fabulous and windy beaches which are very good for recreational purposes such as surfing, windsurfing, kite-surfing etc. The strong waves are consistent which makes surfing possible throughout the year. Beaches in Peniche have good infrastructure at you disposal such as seafood restaurants, sun-blinds for rental and rescue teams among others. Some of the beaches are Baleal, Gamboa and Medao beaches.

Have you ever been interested in learning about surfing? If you are reading this, then probably you really want to know more about this topic. Surfing is a surface water sport. It refers to riding of a wave regardless of whether the wave is ridden with or without a board. There are many types of surfing such as body-boarding, knee-boarding, surf matting, body surfing and so on and so forth. Peniche has many primary and secondary schools and even a state-run polytechnic known as ‘Instituto Politecnico de Leiria’ which offers degrees in marine technologies and tourism. Apart from that Peniche is also a home to many surf schools and surf camps. There are very many schools and surf camps where anyone can start learning surfing. There is a very thin line between a surfing school and a surfing camp. In a surf school you learn while in a surf camp you sharpen your skills. I want to take this opportunity to highlight a few of them briefly as below.

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The Peniche Surf Camp is located within the strong waves of peninsula of Peniche. This is about an hour’s drive from the country capital, Lisbon. They have lesson beginning daily which means you can whenever you deem fit. They have lessons for every age, level and nationality. Their teachers are licensed instructors who have many years of experience. They are said to have the best equipment in the market and in particular rip curl wet-suits and surfboards that are ideal for your surfing level. In order for you to understand which areas to improve on the classes get filmed twice a week for video analysis afterwards. At the end of the surfing course week they usually hold a surfing competition.

Surf school Tribo do Mar is located in the center of Consolacao, a five minutes walking distance from the beach. Consolacao is located right next to Peniche. You can visit this school if you want to learn how to surf, if you want to go on a guided surf trip, get wave information or rent surfing material. They have both the surf school as well as the surf camps.They use video analysis so that learners can keep track of their progress in surfing. Their teachers are licensed surf instructors and experienced surfers who also take time to explain more about rip tides, surfing rules and safety.

Baleal Surf school is located Praia do Baleal Campismo next to Baleal on the surf spot known as Cantinho da Baia at the north part of the Peniche peninsula. The school has both a surf school and a surf camp but each operates autonomously. It was established in 1993. The school’s teachers are licensed surfing instructors and they teach children also. Their main goal is to teach safe surfing using only adequate gear. The surf peniche school is believed to be located in the most consistent surf spot in Peniche and Baleal peninsulas. The Baleal Surf School is accredited by both the Portuguese Surfing Federation as well as the Peniche Harbor Captaincy.

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Surfers Lodge Surf Academy is both a school that trains surfers and a surf camp. It is located in Peniche and offers a wide range of services. They have a unique blend of experienced surfers who are their instructors all with university degrees with a proven track record in leading and developing sport activities. The classes are limited to a maximum of six surf students so that instructors can be able to pay full attention to them. They also offer surf equipment and gear for rental. You can also choose to buy your personal equipment and gear from their partners, 58 surf shop. 58 surf shop is one of the biggest surf shops in Portugal and it is located 10-minutes-walk from the surf lodge. They also offer a private guide trip for those interested.

The above schools are a few in comparison to the very many Peniche surf camps that are available. You can easily take courses wherever you are traveling to Peniche thanks to Takeguru.com. TakeGuru is an online market place with short training programs for travelers from active sport to leisure activities.

If you are planning and aspiring to be a surfer then definitely Peniche is the best place to start your learning. If you are an inexperienced surfer visiting some of these surf camps will give you an enjoyable experience; An experience that will equip you with skills and knowledge. I am sure you will cherish the impeccable surfing skills you will obtain from Peniche surf camps. Peniche is undoubtedly the place to be.

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