If you looking for some activity to get adrenaline in your blood and at the same time want to improve your mental condition to change your usual city life style, definitely, yoga and surfing is what you really need to erase that boredom and add some enjoyment to your life.

Surfing and yoga are two activities that many people enjoyed individually. Yoga classes are most often held on a separate place from surfing. But did you know that yoga surf retreats exist? Yes, you can have yoga before and after surfing. If you have yoga classes before and after surfing, this will definitely help you improve your flexibility, strength, and promotes a sense of relaxation. As Portugal is one of the most famous for having the best surf spots in the world, the place also offers yoga surf retreats.

Visitors, and even locals, would usually start the day by engaging in yoga classes before they actually begin surfing. It has already been known that yoga is a great compliment for any sports, most especially surfing, because it has a lot of benefits to your body and resistance. With the increasing trend of yoga and the increasing numbers of people practicing it, many people are doing what they can on how to learn yoga.

How to learn yoga is quite simple as long as you start from the very basic. There are some advance yoga moves that are only intended for the best on the field and have long been practicing the method. If you are new to this particular exercise, you should ensure that you take proper guidance from licensed yoga instructors.

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There are a lot of instructors worldwide, but one of the best places to go which features the best instructors is no other than Portugal. How to learn yoga in Portugal can be an exhilarating and awesome moment. With a variety of retreat houses offering different classes and programs, you won’t run out of choice. Even if you are a beginner in practicing yoga, you are more than welcome on their programs as much as those people who are already a master or have advance training.

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Most of the yoga surf retreats in Portugal offer world-class services that will ensure many great and relaxing moments for your soul. It will also help you re-connect with your innermost being, as well as ensure that you will have free and calm mind all through-out. Here a list of the best yoga surf retreat houses in Portugal that you might wish to visit once you are on the area.

  • Prana Casa

Couples and singles, alike, flock to Prana Casa for one of the best yoga experience. Prana Casa tends to keep the groups in yoga classes small for a better chance of interaction and getting-to-know-one-another moments for all participants. They also provide different locations for their training. With daily yoga classes, you can balance your mind and body. Their program also involves healing treatments and mind meditation to ensure that you will have an optimum level of functioning. When it comes to diet, Prana Casa offers fresh ingredients that are all locally-grown to ensure that the health of their guests is properly attended to.

  • Pure Flow Motions
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If you want to have yoga + surfing + hiking, then you’ve got to head to Pure Flow Motions. Located on the Southwest of Portugal, the Pure Flow Motions conducts their classes and training at one of the most beautiful hotels in Sagres, Portugal, the Memmo Baleeira Hotel. As the hotel is located at the front of the Baleeira Bay on the Atlantic Ocean, it features a room overlooking the bay for yoga classes. Some classes are also held on the beach coast and some on the forest.

  • Buddha Retreats

Located 70km north of Lisbon, Buddha Retreats offers a place great for relaxation and re-charging your mind and body. They have certified instructors who will ensure that you have the best possible experience both in yoga and surfing. The Buddha Retreats also limit their guests to only 20 people at a time, ensuring serenity and calmness all over the place without a lot of distractions. They offer an intensive form of yoga which will require dynamic and physical skills called Iyengar yoga. This particular yoga focuses on proper posture which will in turn allow free flowing of energy on the body. Though a bit intensive, Iyengar yoga is still great for any levels even for a beginner.

  • Omassim

Omassim guesthouse is considered as an “oasis of bright, homely accommodation” in Palhais-Ribamar. They can only cater up to 21 guests in their 2-,3-, and 5-bed rooms which will help maintain keep the calmness and relaxed atmosphere of the place with little to no distractions and noise at all. You can enjoy nature at its best as well as experience their yoga classes. If you want to learn to do yoga, this is also a good place to start as all of their classes include practicing breathing exercises, posture, and relaxation.

  • The Jewel of Yoga
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The Jewel of Yoga considered yoga as a life support system which helps you deal with your mind and your perspective to ensure that you know how to handle both the ups and downs. They focused on three retreats: Yin, Yang, and Yin & Yang. The Yin retreat is more about the healing benefits of yoga. It will help de-stress you and re-charge your drained energy. The Yang retreat is more on the fun and exciting part of life where you can choose between two categories: Yang & Surf, or Yang & Food. Whatever you choose will still ensure that you can achieve happiness and optimum well-being. If you want a complete overview of yoga, then the Yin&Yang retreat is probably the best for you. You will better understand what and how yoga is all about. You will learn the elements of yoga as well as explore your mind in ways that can relax you.

The above list consists of just a few yoga retreat houses in Portugal. There are many more out there that features other programs. One of the easiest way to find and book online the desired yoga courses in Portugal is to visit our TakeGuru service, just click here!

All you have to do is to get in the place and immerse yourself into something relaxing to refresh your mind, throw away all the clutter, and make a new way for a stress-free beginning.