If you’re planning for a vacation and looking for a place that offers beautiful monuments and remarkable views, medieval castles and churches, while at the same time offering exciting activities that suits your lifestyle, then Portugal is definitely the place you are looking for. We suggest you the best active hobby things to do in Portugal!

Portugal has an amusing and very unique culture that also comes with lively cities and scenic countryside. This country offers an excellent landscape diversity where you can travel from greenly mountains covered with different kinds of trees to Rocky Mountains with remarkable hills and falls and in some places you’ll find a near-desert landscapes, then finally to the famous beach destinations with stunning coastlines packed with natural beauty.

In this article we will discuss 10 amazing things you can learn and enjoy when visiting Portugal

  1. Surfing in Portugal

Portugal provides a very mild climate and offshore morning breezes are extremely common, thus making this country a famous surfing destination. Whether you are a surfer from nearby countries or from offshore countries, you will realize that Portugal also offers a huge variety of waves and swell size, making it ideal for any surfers with different abilities.

It can also cater for novice surfers because there are lots of available places that offers surf lesson packages like surf schools that provides Lessons, Surf Camps and Surf Trips.

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  1. Yoga lessons in Portugal
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Portugal has the best places for yoga lovers because it will certainly bring you closer to nature.

Some yoga organizers conduct yoga sessions near the beach where you find and feel the serenity of nature as you immerse yourself into the mood of yoga. Some choose nearby hillside depending on their preference to reconnect with the universe and the spirit within.

If looking for Yoga retreat combined with surfing you can also try the Surf and Yoga Retreat located close to the ocean coast in Portugal where you can find and enjoy a panoramic, breathtaking sea view, surrounded by an exceptional nature scenery.

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  1. Dance classes in Portugal

If you are looking for a riveting dancing experience, then it will serve you better to know that this country has a lot of dance studios which provide courses and workshops for dance education  in many styles of dancing and also classical ballet.

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  1. Diving in Portugal

There’s nothing more fascinating than breathing underwater. Portugal offers varieties of marine life waiting to be discovered by you. Come and meet face to face with a vast array of colorful fish and plants, be marveled with different sea life from cuttlefish, octopus and sea horses and if you’re lucky enough you might encounter some dolphins, seals, sea turtles and even whales.


  1. Kayaking in Portugal
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Kayaking in Portugal is a great way to explore every part of the country and getting you a little bit closer to the country’s various wildlife such as plants and birds. It is a safe experience for adults and kids alike and it can be always done most of the year round.


  1. Kitesurfing in Portugal

Aside from beaches that are well suited for surfing, there are also beaches that support Kitesurfing. Beaches such as Algarve also provide steady thermal wind in the summer and shallow lagoons perfect for learning and freestyle Kitesurfing.


  1. Horse riding in Portugal

Portugal presents places ideal for horse riding, it has varied wonderful terrain that you can enjoy like forest, rivers and valley and splendid coastline of beaches well suited for horse riding lovers.

Equitours help you find the most suitable trip based upon your interests, your riding level, your budget and your personal tastes.


  1. Cooking classes in Portugal

Do you have a thing for the culinary arts? Well, Portugal can also deliver that to you. Try to spend your vacation indulging in delicious Mediterranean cuisine of Portugal as you learn hands-on cooking from Cooking lessons in the Alentejo where you will be using their local flavors and herbs and cook some authentic Portugal cuisine.

Taking a Cooking Classes in Portugal will present a wonderful experience for you to learn Portuguese cuisines that will surely add value to your culinary ability. In addition, you will be allowed to take home the recipes and ingredients for you to be able to cook them from your home and impress your family and friends.

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  1. Mountain biking in Portugal

The Algarve in Portugal is an ideal location for people who love and enjoys mountain biking. As it was mentioned earlier, Portugal has a wide range of terrain not only suitable for horse riding, but for Mountain biking as well, like natural parks and endless dirt roads surrounding Lagos.


  1. Sailing in Portugal

If you want to experience life on the ocean wave, then Portugal offers that ideal place for you. Sailing along the Portuguese coast is a pleasurable experience because of thecountry’s mild climate, bright sunshine and favorable winds. It is sometimes calm for a relaxed spot of sailing, and sometimes more unpredictable, offering challenges that require a lot of energy.

The novice sailors, you can have sailing lessons from Faro Sailing School where they offer practical and shore based sailing courses all year round. Their school is based in the marina of Vila Real de Santo Antonio, just a 40 minute drive from Faro airport. They also have several waterside café bars for an excellent place to relax after a great days sailing.