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Like to travel to other countries?

Desire to gain new experience practicing your active hobby at any place where you wouldn’t go?

Strive to find new sporty devotion what strikes new energy to your life?

Search for curious engagement and training for your kids while on traveling?

Want to survive from homesickness and big city depression?

TakeGuru being the first marketplace on active sports courses and packages will assist you to find interesting and skilled local experts, who will be able to share their knowledge and advance you on a new development level in your activity. Aimed to the active travelers our service represents a wide range of short-term study prepared by professionals: involved are instructors and training initiators concerned your physical and intelligent development in active sports.

TakeGuru will provide you to choose a desirable course and reserve it in advance before your start a trip. You could be offered by our combined programs enriching the ideas of various ways for self-improvement what will finally lead to acquisition a new healthy passion.

With our service you never fail a chance to refine your expertise whenever you go!

Take your benefits with TakeGuru!!!

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